NITA Bluetooth Printer C2008

– NITA Bluetooth Slip Printer Thermal C2008
– ระบบการพิมพ์: Thermal เเบบใช้ความร้อน
– ตัดกระดาษอัตโนมัติ
– Port เชื่อมต่อ: Bluetooth + USB
– ความเร็วในการพิมพ์: 260 mm/ sec

●   Easy paper loading, waterproof, oil proof, dustproof design
●  Printing images and characters with high speed, the best printing quality  and  reliable performance
●  Support GB18030 simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, buyer optional    languages
●  Support printer states minitor function, control printers states at any time.
●  Full/Partial option, no paper jamming problem, multiple choice for customer
●  Support print prompt and error alarm
●  Driving high speed download printing mode, support linux system
●  Support black mark detection and reprint function.
●  Compatible with Epson ESC/POS Commands.
●  Support 256K bytes NV logo download store and print

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