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HIOPOS All-in-One POS Point Of Sale HIOPOS All-in-One POS Point Of Sale


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    Technical Specifications

    CPU Intel® Celeron Bay Trail J1900 (Quad Core) 2GHz with L2 Cache 2MB
    Memory 4 Gb RAM DDR3 1333
    Touchscreen TFT 15 "with adjustable angle. Water and dirt-tight (IP66)
    Hard Drive 64 GB SSD
    Graphic card Intel 945GSE
    Resolution 1024x768
    Power Supply In the terminal internal
    Connectors 3 USB, 1 USB front, 1 parallel, 2 serial,

    1 Drawer RJ11, 1 PS2 keyboard, 1 Audio

    LAN Connector Gigabit RJ-45 (LAN) / Integrated Wireless Lan
    Cooling Aluminium casing and fanless system
    Dimensions (W) 389 x (maximum height) 465 x (maximum length) 301 mm.
    Weight 13 Kgs.



    1. External USB

    2. LAN (RJ-45)

    3. Printer power outlet

    4. PS/2 keyboard

    5. RJ-11 Drawer 24V

    6. USB printer

    7. 2 USB

    8. Electrical connection

    9. Parallel

    10. COM4

    11. COM3

    12. RJ-11 Drawer 24V




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