Software for hotels and chains


For hotels and chains, ICG Software offers the solution FrontHotel with SQLServer to ensure the proteccion of multi-user environments, and a multi-hotel management in real time. Is the most complete tool for this type of business that provides a customized solution for each area of the establishment: reception, administration, bookings, housekeeper, kitchen, restaurant, gym,....

In this way, the software ICG for Hotels is a working tool very intuitive and easy to use. Thanks to visual interaction of the screens, user can see the rooms availability between dates, insert single bookings or by group and make Check-In and Check-Out with great speed and and effectiveness.

The other ICG applications complete the tailored solution: the bookings management in Internet, calls and consumptions done by clients in Restaurant, the Disco or in any shops, are charged to rooms automatically and in real time.

FrontHotel is a tool that provides activities management. Allows to manage and control in an unified way hotel activity, the SPA, Golf coutr, parking, the laundry, the technical services, and other leisure activities.

The solution is scalable and fits to the needs of each establishment, from a small hotel until a chain with international presence.


Main features of FrontHotel


FrontHotel at reception

  • Hotel occupancy level for diay by room type.
  • Booked and available rooms per hotel and per day.
  • Room Block for a date or date range (repairs, low season ...). Rapid introduction of individual and group reservations, with or without prior estimate and Pre-allocation of rooms to VIP customers.
  • Screen Fast Check-In visual and practical procedures for receipt (Reports, Rooming-List, Pre-Check-In, Check-In, Pre-Assignment, Part of entries ...).
  • Several views of the same book: summary extract extract daily and rooms.
  • Quick Introduction through scanner documents, passports, driving license, etc ...
  • Control and guarantees deliveries to account at any time before or after the Check-In.
  • Location quick reservations.
  • Comprehensive Audit reservations, recording any changes by employee, date, time, ..
  • Segmentation been retained: budgeted, unconfirmed, confirmed, canceled, not filed, and so on.
  • Creating new states.
  • Configurable Printing documents (invoices, booking, budget ...) for any.
  • Printer type text or graphic format.

Check-Out & Billing

  • Check-Out fast and automatic allocation of fixed charges and extras.
  • Billing several rooms and services on one bill detailing the charges or grouping.
  • Changing job descriptions at your request.
  • Modification quick invoice after making.
  • Automatic billing tour operators, agencies and intermediaries.
  • Deliveries to account management, deposits and bonds.
  • Billing reservation at any time before or after the Check-In.
  • Import quick room charges (parking, minibar ...)
  • Association various reserves in the same bill.

FrontHotel Box Controls and Statistics

  • Police report.
  • OLAP cubes.
  • Reports aggregated, detailed comparisons of people, rooms, AAVV, business areas ...
  • Department production reports.
  • Reports passenger entry for submission of official statistics (INE).
  • Daily closing reports: Charges of the day, rooms without charge, before check in Room occupied, fertilizers and deductions, entering and leaving the next day.
  • Outlook daily cooking services included in the scheme (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Daily police report with details of occupiers.
  • Wizard creating reports for monitoring and tracking of reservations: inputs, outputs, by agency, client, with or without valuation ...
  • Comparative reports of occupation production between two periods by type of accommodation and regime.

FrontHotel in Business

Management selling fees.

  • Season.
  • By Customer Type (brokers, agents/companies and individuals).
  • Type of accommodation (Single, Double, Suite ...).
  • Speed (HS, AD, MP, PC, etc ...).
  • Weekday.
  • Application price per person or per room.

FrontHotel in Flats

Comprehensive Management Housekeeping:

  • Assigned States to the rooms.
  • Through intuitive display of colors and referrals.
  • Printing current status report today and tomorrow.
  • States Filter by plants (check-out, etc. ..).
  • Plus: stock control, assigning tasks to employees, laundry services, management of amenities and room service, etc ...

External devices

FrontHotel links to external devices:

  • Switchboard: Fully automated room charge for calls made in each of the extensions.
  • Document Scanner: To facilitate data entry of occupants and avoid errors.
  • Door opening devices.
  • Biometric reader: For each user input FrontHotel.

In the remaining outlets of establishments

The rest of ICG specific applications for complete POS Solution to your needs: all loads carried in the Restaurant at the Disco, on the terrace with the wireless handset or any of the stores can be loaded to Room automatically and in real time.

At the Restaurant

  • Control of services included in the scheme of the room and pax.
  • Of charges from the restaurant into a room, from the point of sale terminal (FrontRest) or from a handset (TeleComanda).
  • Diets Management: AD, MP, PC, drinks not included.
  • Compact Touch Terminal Management Meetings & Events charges booked in the hotel.

In Store

  • Vertical solutions for any type of commerce located in the premises of the hotel or outside concerted establishments.
  • Implementation of a room by checking the available credit.

Internet Booking Management

The reserve management is done via the internet FrontHotelWeb module, which connects with the management software FrontHotel hotels and chains.

FrontHotelWeb is customized in more than 14 different languages, and allows the reception of reservations from anywhere in the world and automatically incorporate database FrontHotel.

  • Take advantage of its corporate website. Link your website with the solution FrontHotelWeb and from anywhere in the world, receive reservations automatically FrontHotel database.
  • Confirmation of bookings via e-mail end user and the hotel as security.
  • Packages and offers activities and services with or without accommodation.
  • Incorporating photographs and descriptive text of the hotel and rooms from FrontHotel for viewing on the Internet.
  • It includes payment gateway that allows customers to make payment of the reservation in its entirety to the hotel.
  • The solution can offer the same room or package / offer different rates, by right of cancellation or no minimum stay, etc ...

Revenue Management

Optimize your resources and anticipate your competence!

2 of each 3 travellers book the hotel room by internet. Therefore, hotel businessmen, must have best and most advanced tools to compete in a market characterized by these new consumer habits.

FrontHotel provides a new Revenue management module that optimizes the management and improve hotels and chain results. This module allow to modidfy and update immediately the availability and room prices automatically in all internet channels (TTOO, CRS, portals, etc.), with a single click.

  • Prices and rooms update automatically in all internet channels
  • Automatic reception of bookings from each web to FrontHotel solution
  • Less resources and time dedicated
  • No human mistakes
  • No overbooking. System cancels automatically all sales in webs.
  • Bookings increasing and price optimization.